5 Fun Things To Do In Fredericksburg

  Everyone here in Fredericksburg knows what a treasure we have in this town. Nestled midway between our nation's capital and our state's capital, there's lots of history here. After all, eight U.S. presidents have hailed from Virginia. Civil War battles were fought on our soil, and so much more of... [read more]

Holiday Games That Are Fun For The Whole Family

Family games
This time of year is about more than just opening presents and enjoying a big meal. It's about spending time together with family and friends. And a great way to do that is by playing games. Board games. Cards. Could be anything. But even if you don't have either one... [read more]

What To Know About Your Car’s Transmission

Car service. Car technician pouring the fresh transmission oil at the car service station.
Your vehicle's powertrain consists of two very important components --- the engine and the transmission.  You probably already know the proper maintenance steps needed for maintaining your engine, but if you're here that means you need a quick overview on how to maintain your transmission. Change Your Transmission Fluid Although it doesn't... [read more]

Take The Family To Fun Land Of Fredericksburg

girl playing laser tag
If there was one word you could use to sum up Fun Land it would be, well, you know, fun. Filled with several attractions, you're sure to have a great time no matter what your age. So take the family to Fun Land of Fredericksburg today. You won't be disappointed. New... [read more]

Keep Your Home Safe While You Are On Holiday Vacation

Safe and secure
When you go away for the holidays you want to feel sure that your home will be exactly the way you left it when you return. You don't want to suffer from a break-in. There are a few things you can do to reduce the possibility of theft. Why Your Home... [read more]

Make This Easy Pumpkin Chili Recipe

Pumpkin Chili
The best part of fall is the cozy feel of everything. Clothes, decorations, and food are all so comforting. Help add to the warm feelings by making something warm this season. Budget Bytes has the perfect recipe for you, a pumpkin chili recipe! Harvest Your Ingredients For the chili, gather up two... [read more]

Explore Fredericksburg This Weekend

Aerial view of Fredericksburg, VA
If you need a break, then look no further than exploring the historical and fun Fredericksburg, Virginia. Full of entertainment, history, and good food, there is no better place for a nice weekend getaway. Plus, Virginia.org already has the trip planned for you! Friday's Adventures Start your day by visiting George Washington’s... [read more]

Is Your Heating Working For The Upcoming Colder Months?

Man in jacket tries to keep warm in his car
We’re in for cooler weather before too long, and when those cold mornings return, a reliable heater can make the difference between a casual commute and a shivering slog. You count on your heater to make winter rides bearable, so it’s important to make sure that your heater is ready... [read more]

Enjoy An Otter-ly Amazing Scavenger Hunt With The Kids

"A trio of otters sleep on a floating log
Looking for a fun outing that you can do with your kids, or maybe even an interesting first date? Go on a scavenger hunt for the Fredericksburg Otters. How to Do the Fredericksburg Otters Scavenger Hunt Scattered throughout Fredericksburg are several bronze otters. If you're new to the area, hunting them down... [read more]

Fall Snacks Your Kids Will Love

Modern school girl distance learning and eating healthy snack
The air's getting cooler. Leaves are changing colors. The scent of autumn is wafting through the air. Best of all, everyone's sharing their favorite seasonal recipes. So we thought we'd share some of our favorites as well. Check out these fall snacks your kids will love! Iced Lemon Cookie Energy Balls Energy?... [read more]