Positive Things To Do In 2022

Closet in one bedroom apartment
The clock is ticking! You only have a few more days of 2021 left to enjoy. With only a matter of hours, you can make a large impact on the year, and enter 2022 feeling more refreshed than ever. Check out how to leave 2021 and start 2022 on a... [read more]

Defrosting Your Windshield Do’s & Don’ts

Frozen windshield
The winter brings both the beauty of snow-covered evergreens and the hassle of snow-covered driveways, but nothing beats the time-drain of ice-covered car windows on a busy weekday morning. There are a lot of hacks for quick removal of ice but not all of them are effective and some of... [read more]

Best Gift Ideas For Her And Him

young couple celebrating christmas season at home living room
It's that time - Christmas time is here! While some think of twinkling lights, food, Santa, and time off from work, other's minds go straight to gifts once the calendar hits December 1. Whether you love giving gifts, or you always find yourself lost when browsing for a gift for... [read more]

8 Ways To Keep Your Kids Entertained During Winter Break

Mother And Her Daughter Assemble Gingerbread House
For kids, there isn’t a more exciting and enjoyable time of year than Christmas. The anticipation of getting gifts is something many children look forward to for weeks, if not months. The time off school is another perk of the holiday season that kids can benefit from. However, when the... [read more]

Save The Date For The 2021 Fredericksburg Christmas Parade

daytime parade with band in blue uniforms and Santa hats
The most wonderful time of year is here again, and the Fredericksburg community is preparing to celebrate with a highly-anticipated annual tradition. The Fredericksburg Christmas Parade returns to downtown for 2021, so dress warm and prepare to see a host of festive floats! Make Your Plans The Christmas Parade will proceed through... [read more]

Take Care Of Your Mercedes-Benz With These Tips

hand drying the vehicle hood with a red towel
Mercedes-Benz releases every vehicle with a stunning paint job, so it pays to take good care of that finish so that it shines for years to come. Give it a Good Scrub It all starts with a thorough car wash. Even if you’re a particularly cautious driver, it’s inevitable that you’ll collect... [read more]

Give Back This Holiday Season

Happy little boy donating Christmas gifts at charity toy drive
America's favorite Christmas movie, Elf, once stated "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear." While this may be true, not everyone's voice is up to par for singing Jingle Bells, and some have far greater needs feeling the spirit of Christmas in Fredericksburg.... [read more]

Tips To Get Rid Of Leftover Halloween Candy

Boy in skeleton costume holding bowl full of candies
It's the Monday after fright night, and your kids are probably still fighting a sugar rush. They ran around the neighborhood, grabbed handfuls of sugar treats, and then, ran home to dump out their new candy collection. Each child has their favorites, whether that's chocolates or sour gummy bears. Now... [read more]

DIY Fall Crafts For Everyone To Enjoy

Senior woman crafting
Before you dive into all the fun activities fall has to offer, don't forget to decorate your home. When you are home during the colder months, you want to feel cozy. A big misconception is people think you have to spend a lot of money to decorate for fall, but... [read more]

Prep Your Vehicle For The New Season

Smiling Mature Man Inflating Car Tires Outdoors
It’s time to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. With the new season, you might be thinking about decorations and other things you need to do. Be sure to put car maintenance on your list as well. Let’s go over some ways you can prep your vehicle for... [read more]