Get Coffee At Hyperion Espresso

Delicious flat white coffee with latte art in a cup
With almost three decades in business, Hyperion Espresso is practically a landmark in Fredericksburg. More than just a coffee house, it’s a local gathering spot for friends and family. The conversation is always flowing, and it has the best-caffeinated drinks around. Get the scoop on this popular coffee house and... [read more]

Vegetarian? You Can Still Become A Grill Expert

Grilled portobello mushrooms with herbs and garlic on a grill plate, close-up
Some think it’s difficult to cut meat out of your diet. However, if you know how to cook delicious vegetarian food, you don’t have anything to worry about. In fact, you can become a vegetarian grill expert. You just need to know the basics and take it from there. Check... [read more]

Build Your Own Firepit To Enjoy Spring Nights

When you're looking to update your backyard, check out this firepit idea from HGTV and build your own firepit for your outdoor living area. This simple design will take your yard to a whole new level and your house will be the house that your friends and family hang out... [read more]

These Vehicle Tasks Often Go Overlooked

Technician Hands of car mechanic working in auto repair Service and Maintenance car battery
Keeping up with routine maintenance is great, but don't overlook the components that don't require frequent checks. Check out these commonly overlooked vehicle services according to the News Wheel, and make sure your vehicle continues functioning properly. Don't let unwanted repairs sneak up on you, let the team at Huber Motor... [read more]

Find These Virginia Wildflowers In Bloom This Spring

With spring comes the beauty of blooming flowers, and Virginia certainly has its share of blooming flowers. They're all over the state, and if you can find these Virginia wildflowers in bloom this spring, they will surely delight your visual and olfactory senses alike. Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden One of central Virginia's... [read more]

Items To Bring On A Hike

Hikers climbing up the mountain.
With warmer days ahead, you may want to venture outdoors. There are many fun activities to participate with friends outside. One of the best pastimes to pursue this season is hiking. It is a great way to improve your overall well-being mentally and physically as you get to take a... [read more]

Get Ready For Spring Lawn Care

Father and his little son mowing the lawn together at home
Spring is ringing the alarm clock, telling your lawn it's time to start stretching those green blades of grass toward the sun. That means it's time for you to whip your yard into shape with these spring lawn care tasks. Get Rid of The Leaves Even if you routinely rake up your... [read more]

Check These Important Vehicle Fluid Levels

close up of man hand holding cap of brake fluid reservoir tank while checking brake fluid level in an engine
You know that your vehicle is comprised of a variety of elements and parts, but you may not realize the fluid that is necessary to help run and lubricate the vehicle's parts. It is important to check these fluids to make sure the levels are right, so that your vehicle... [read more]

Check Out These Books This Spring

Man reading on a book when sitting on a beach
Every spring, a shower of new books hits the shelves in book stores all over the world. While avid readers are always happy to find new books to devour and new authors to follow, your to-be-read list might start getting a little long. This year the list of notable releases... [read more]

Great Last-Minute Spring Break Destinations

If you're like most people, it's long overdue. The annual spring break from school and work is a welcome respite from the toils of daily life. And if you travel to one of these great last-minute spring break destinations, you're sure to come back refreshed at the end of the... [read more]