Keep Your Home Safe While You Are On Holiday Vacation

Safe and secure

When you go away for the holidays you want to feel sure that your home will be exactly the way you left it when you return. You don’t want to suffer from a break-in. There are a few things you can do to reduce the possibility of theft.

Why Your Home Needs Extra Safeguards During the Holidays

When you’re at home you can respond to issues quickly. For instance, if there is a leak while you’re in town, you can call a plumber before any area of your home becomes flooded. If you’re away on vacation you might not know there is an issue for a few days or weeks. You shouldn’t let this possibility cause you an stress though. Just take the proper precautions to help safeguard against the unfortunate.  Keep reading for a holiday home safety checklist.

What You Can Do Inside Your Home

  1. Set timers on your lights. Burglars look for homes that have been left unattended for the holidays. Setting a timer on your lights will make it seem like someone is still at home.
  2. Make sure your appliances are plugged into a surge protector.
  3. Don’t post your vacation plans. Announcing that you’re not at home isn’t the best way to avoid a burglary. Take plenty of pictures while you’re away and wait till you return to share them with your social media friends and followers.
  4. Insulate your pipes. Insulation can help ensure your pipes don’t freeze while you’re away.
  5. Ask a friend to stop by. If you will be gone for an extended vacation and you have friends or neighbors that you trust, ask them to stop by periodically.

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What You Can Do Outside Your Home

  1. Pause your paper and magazine deliveries. Just like an unlit home, a collection of papers in the front lawn can signal to burglars that you’re away.
  2. Add exterior lights. You can set exterior lights on a timer just like the ones on the interior of your home.
  3. Remove your spare keys. If you have a spare key hidden on your property. Remove it for the time being.

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