Enjoy An Otter-ly Amazing Scavenger Hunt With The Kids

"A trio of otters sleep on a floating log

Looking for a fun outing that you can do with your kids, or maybe even an interesting first date? Go on a scavenger hunt for the Fredericksburg Otters.

How to Do the Fredericksburg Otters Scavenger Hunt

Scattered throughout Fredericksburg are several bronze otters. If you’re new to the area, hunting them down is a fun way to get to know the city. Also, if your just looking for a fun way to spend the afternoon, you’ll enjoy exploring Fredericksburg. Its not hard to complete the hunt. All you have to do is download the Otter-ly Amazing Scavenger Hunt or pick up a scavenger hunt sheet from the Vision Center located at 706 Caroline Street. Once you’ve picked up your scavenger hunt info, just follow the clues to locate the otters.

Where Did the Fredericksburg Otters Come From?

In 2021, the city decided to connect the Rappahannock River and Riverfront Park with informative displays. The displays would tell residents and tourists a little about the city. It would be a fun way to educate people about Downtown Fredericksburg and the Rappahannock River. The displays would also serve as a catalyst to revitalize the downtown area and bring people to Riverfront park. So, Fredericksburg, VA Main Street raised the funds to complete the project and decided that the displays should be bronze otters. Now, there are adorable bronze otters all over Downtown Fredericksburg.

How Was the Project Completed?

The project was completed with the help of several members of the Fredericksburg community. All of the bronze otter sculptures and the artwork that accompanies them was completed by local artist. Even the hints on the scavenger hunt were created by local businesses and talented Fredericksburg artists.

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Why River Otters?

The city of Fredericksburg has put a lot of effort into cleaning up the Rappahannock River. River otters are a sign that those efforts are paying off. The wildlife that calls the Rappahannock home are a good indicator of a healthy aquatic ecosystem. Since the cleanup efforts began, river otters have started to return to the river.

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