Holiday Games That Are Fun For The Whole Family

Family games

This time of year is about more than just opening presents and enjoying a big meal. It’s about spending time together with family and friends. And a great way to do that is by playing games. Board games. Cards. Could be anything. But even if you don’t have either one of those around, it’s easy to find something enjoyable for everyone. Here are some holiday games that are fun for the whole family.

Christmas Heads Up

Write the name of holiday-related characters for each player’s forehead. Then, everyone gets clues about the name on their own head while answering questions for other participants. Christmas Heads Up is sure to bring lots of good cheer into your home.

Play Christmas Movie Bingo

Download the app and play Christmas Movie Bingo. If you think it pretty much works like regular Bingo except with Christmas movies, then you’re right. We need not explain this game anymore.

Guess The Christmas Smell Game

Test your olfactory nerve with this game to see who can identify holiday-themed aromas. Put various scents in different jars such as nutmeg, peppermint, and pine needles to see who can identify them.

Draw A Snowman On Top Of Your Head

That’s right. It’s a thing. Put a paper plate or something else you can draw on top of your head then draw a snowman. Everyone judges and whoever has the best one is the winner.

Candy Cane Hunt

You do it at Easter, why not do it at Christmas, too? Except instead of eggs try candy canes. Of course, this time of year you’ll probably want to have your hunt indoors. For that reason, be extra careful to remember where every candy cane is hidden. You don’t want to have sticky candy tucked away in your house somewhere come summer.

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Holiday Charades Or Pictionary

You know how to play charades and Pictionary, right? This is pretty much the same except the first rule is you have to pick something related to the holidays – in case that wasn’t obvious from the name.



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