Don’t Let Your Pup Get Too Hot Outside

Don't Let Your Pup Get Too Hot Outside
Summer is great, but you still have to take care of your loved ones and yourself outside in the heat of the sun. This includes keeping an eye out for your pup who cannot verbally communicate to you that they have had enough of the sun. Daily Paws offers some... [read more]

Useful Summer Car Tips And Tricks

Useful Summer Car Tips And Tricks
Summer has arrived in all its sun-soaked glory, and with it comes a whole new set of challenges for car owners. While your car’s winter survival kit might be safely stashed away, there are still plenty of things you need to consider when it comes to summer car maintenance. You... [read more]

5 Money Saving Tips For Back-To-School Shopping

Happy mother with her daughter choosing and buying school supplies. Education and primary school preparations.
Number 2 pencils, crayons, pens, and the new Shimmer & Shine or Paw Patrol bookbag your youngest insists is a necessity. School supplies can easily add up to a checkout ticket that's a little shocking. In fact, according to U.S. News, the average American family spends over $850 on back-to-school... [read more]

Water Games Kids Can Play All Summer Long

Water balloon games for kids. Close up of girls filling up water balloons at sunny day.
Summer is the perfect time for water games! Kids love to run around, get wet, and cool off on a hot day. There are so many different water games that you can play with kids, from simple games that require no equipment to more elaborate games that will keep them... [read more]

Fireworks Safety Tips For July 4

The United States has a long history of celebrating Independence Day with fireworks displays in cities across the nation. In addition to the spectacular shows put on in the night sky, many private citizens like to buy less powerful options for their own backyards or elsewhere. While the big shows... [read more]

Beat These Common Summer Car Problems

Beat These Common Summer Car Problems
Summer is here, and it is time for some fun in the sun. However, the hotter months can also mean trouble for your car. Summer car problems can range from minor issues to major breakdowns, which is why it is essential to stay on top of maintenance and routine checks.... [read more]

How To Be Courteous At The Community Pool

Father swimming with his two children in swimming pool
Community swimming pools have become increasingly popular hangout spots. It is, therefore, essential to act accordingly and adopt proper swimming pool etiquette. The Spruce reminds us that having fun and staying safe is important. The site also instructs us how to be courteous at the community pool. Be respectful towards... [read more]

Set Up An Indoor Camping Night For Your Family

family camping inside
Now that we’re getting closer to summertime, many adventurers are prepping their supplies and lacing up their hiking boots for a camping trip. The great outdoors offers all kinds of fun and recreation around the campsite, but there’s only one catch – nature does whatever it wants. That might mean... [read more]

Check Out The Selection At Peacaloo Boutique

Clothing on hanger at the modern shop boutique
As the summer season is quickly approaching, you may be looking at your closet and think it could use some improvement. There are several excellent clothing stores in Fredericksburg, but for a store that truly elevates your style, visit Peacaloo Boutique. If you live in Fredericksburg and need to update... [read more]

Learn How To Remove Pet Hair From Your Car

Poodle traveling in a car
The summer season is a great time to hit the roads with your windows down and your pet in the passenger seat. You both can enjoy the breeze and jam out to your favorite music, but there is a downside to having your furry best friend in the vehicle; their... [read more]