Set Up An Indoor Camping Night For Your Family

family camping inside
Now that we’re getting closer to summertime, many adventurers are prepping their supplies and lacing up their hiking boots for a camping trip. The great outdoors offers all kinds of fun and recreation around the campsite, but there’s only one catch – nature does whatever it wants. That might mean rainy weather on the camping trip you had planned, but whether the weather interferes with your outing or you just want to treat the household to something fun while at home, an indoor camping night can be fun for the whole family. Consider these tips by Gathered Again for a camping night to remember.

Set the Scene

There won’t be any stars overhead, but you can get creative to transform your living space into the great outdoors under your own roof. Dim the lights and switch to lanterns or switch the lamps to orange bulbs to simulate the glow of a campfire. Consider setting up a playlist to fill the air with the ambient noises of the forest, with unseen crickets, owls, and maybe even the occasional howl in the distance. In the middle of your space, set up a tent with sleeping bags, and feel free to include some other comforts of home like blankets and pillows.

Light the Site

While a real roaring fire isn’t an option this time, you can fashion a facsimile of a flickering flame with a little craftwork. Roll up brown construction paper to make the logs, then tease up some red, yellow, and orange tissue paper to make the flames, and light it all with a battery-powered tea light in the middle. The effect will be even more charming if you use a tea light with a flickering function.

Make Your Own Entertainment

While your electronics are still in easy reach, this camping night in is a great opportunity to “rough it” for an evening and go unplugged for a while. Leave the smartphones and tablets out of the tent, then gather around the campfire to share stories. The stories you choose to tell could be scary, funny, true tales from your own memories, or a bit of everything – whatever captures the imaginations of your campers.

Pack Snacks

While the kitchen is right there and it might be tempting to just get up and head to the fridge, you can simulate the camping experience by packing a few treats ahead of time. Go for the camping classics like s’mores or a thermos of hot cocoa, and don’t forget standards like trail mix, beef jerky, and fresh fruit.

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