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As the summer season is quickly approaching, you may be looking at your closet and think it could use some improvement. There are several excellent clothing stores in Fredericksburg, but for a store that truly elevates your style, visit Peacaloo Boutique. If you live in Fredericksburg and need to update your summer wardrobe, then come check out the selection at Peacaloo Boutique.

What is Peacaloo Boutique?

Peacaloo Boutique is a chic fashion boutique in Fredericksburg that is owned by Stefany Jennings. The name ‘Peacaloo’ comes from a pecan dessert that was served at a Las Angeles restaurant where Stefany worked. This name is fitting as Stefany grew up in charming, southern Fredericksburg, Virginia. She went on to fashion schools in New York and L.A. Stefany had experience styling celebrities. She used her experience with L.A. trends to create Peacaloo Boutique back in her hometown.

Peacaloo Apparel

Peacaloo Boutique offers shoppers a variety of items. From the everyday tops and bottoms to jackets and shoes. This cute boutique has it all. For those who enjoy staying active, there is active wear as well as lounge wear. When you need to flip the switch and take things up a level for an evening out, Peacaloo offers an array of adorable rompers, jumpsuits, and dresses.

Accessories at Peacaloo

Of course, Peacaloo Boutique understands that no outfit is complete without the perfect accessories. The shop offers plenty to choose. There are adorable headbands. Other hair accessories include bows and clips, so you can fix your hair in a number of ways. For days out in the sun, there are stunning pairs of sunglasses. Peacaloo also offers earrings and necklaces for you that will make your outfits dazzling. Seriously, from your head to your toes, this boutique has accessories for everything. Enjoy donning any of the pretty hats from the shop or try on the cute shoes.

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Peacaloo Home Goods

Peacaloo provides shoppers with items that are not just for wearing. There are many great gifts you can get at the boutique. Shoppers will find wonderfully scented candles, lotions, devotional books, inspirational and scriptural magnets or tote bags, and so much more.


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