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Brave A Historical Haunted Tour Of Fredericksburg!

Brave a Historical Haunted Tour of Fredericksburg!
Fredericksburg is considered one of the most haunted cities in the U.S. As the site of four Civil War battles and a series of misadventures in its Colonial history, the town could understandably have its share of restless spirits. If you’d like to learn about the city’s ethereal residents, light... [read more]

Take The Kids To Play In The Barn Lot At Braehead Farm!

Take the Kids to Play in the Barn Lot at Braehead Farm!
Turn off the TV, put down the smartphone, and bring the family out to the country for some fresh air and activity. Your kids can enjoy with a day full of outdoor fun when you visit the Play-Grounds at Braehead Farm! Fun on the Farm The farm offers a variety of classic... [read more]

Enjoy Brunch At One Of These Great Local Restaurants

What’s your favorite meal of the day? Everyone has different answers, but let’s face it: It doesn’t get much better than brunch, especially when you visit one of these local brunch places around town. When you want to enjoy a big meal between breakfast and lunchtime, these are the ideal... [read more]

Spend a Family Day or Drop the Kids Off at Wiggle Worms

Wiggle Worms
Looking for something to do with your kids? It seems like they get bored with everything so quickly, so you are constantly on the lookout for something that will get them excited. Well, you’re in luck because you can take them to Wiggle Worms. This is one of the best... [read more]

Get Out Of The House This Winter At Sky Zone

Sky Zone
Now that you’ve spent a few months indoors over the winter months, it’s time that you enter back into society and explore all the world has to offer. While it may sound tempting to simply stay indoors bundled up under a heated blanket, watching your favorite shows, you don’t want... [read more]

Celebrate George Washington’s Birthday At The Mary Washington House

George Washington's Birthday
History is an important part of not only school, but being human. There’s no wonder why history is one of the four main core classes taught in school alongside math, English, and science. While many don’t understand the importance of looking back on things in the past, others are intrigued... [read more]

Coffee Shops In Fredericksburg – Find A New Favorite Drink

Coffee in Fredericksburg
Stop right now. That’s right – stop what you’re doing. Put your pencil down. Stop typing on your keyboard. Stop scrolling on your phone. Look around you – at our friends, co-workers, and family. How many of them drink coffee? Chances are, many of the people you know (yourself included)... [read more]