Enjoy Brunch At One Of These Great Local Restaurants


What’s your favorite meal of the day? Everyone has different answers, but let’s face it: It doesn’t get much better than brunch, especially when you visit one of these local brunch places around town. When you want to enjoy a big meal between breakfast and lunchtime, these are the ideal places to go. Check them out and make plans to visit one of them this weekend. One thing is for sure: You’re not going to be disappointed.


Mercantile is one of the hippest new places around town, and you’re going to want to check it out. First of all, the atmosphere is incredible. It’s the perfect place to go with friends or family if you want to have a nice morning out. And the food is pretty amazing too. If you’re looking for something healthy and light, try the salmon and cucumber. Want something heartier? You can’t go wrong with the Cubano biscuit.

Mason-Dixon Café

Some places use a lot of pre-made mixes and pre-prepared food, but not the Mason-Dixon Café. This place makes almost everything from scratch, so you know you’re going to be getting top-quality food when you eat here. The cheesy grits is one of the most popular dishes on the menu, so you should try them out. But if you want something that’s more on the lunch side of things, the grilled mac and cheese can’t be beaten.

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Want to go to a restaurant that’s both classy and laid-back? You’re in luck – Foode has just what you’re looking for. This beautiful spot has a variety of dishes for just about everyone. No matter what you’re into, you’re going to find it here. For example, the fried chicken sandwich is a favorite, and when you try it out for yourself, you’re going to figure out why. Also, the pimiento cheese toast is incredible. Oh, and you may want to wash it all down with a drink, which is why it’s great that this place has such an extensive selection of cocktails to choose from. You’re sure to find something light that’s just perfect for a weekend brunch.

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