Have A Pup Date In Town With These Ideas

Dog eating treats at pet friendly restaurant
The love of a dog is like no other. They make you feel special every time you walk in the door. Now it is your turn to make them feel just as special! There are so many great places that you can have a blast with your dog, from a... [read more]

Trading In Your Vehicle? Get More With These Tips!

Hand giving car key on car background
Right now is a great time to trade in your vehicle. You can get more than ever for a used car, which will give you more cash to put toward a new vehicle. Looking to get the most for your trade? Check out these pro tips from Bankrate to boost... [read more]

Utilize This Detailed Road Trip Checklist

Man packing in his luggage suitcase in his car ready for road trip
Get out on the open road this summer with an epic road trip. Road tripping is a great way to clear your mind, see new places, and bond with others all in an affordable way. Whether you want to go alone, with a group of friends, or with your family,... [read more]

Beat The Heat At Anna Point Marina

Man riding the waves on a wakeboard
Summer is here and there is no better place to beat the heat near Fredericksburg, Virginia than at Lake Anna! When you are deciding on where to drop your boat in or get bait for fishing, you can't go wrong with Anna Point Marina. This is a well-known and loved... [read more]

Sell Your Home Faster With These Pro Staging Tips

Home interior with ethnic boho decoration, living room in brown warm color
You’ve likely heard crazy stories about some homes lingering on the market for months without any serious offers. You can avoid the same thing happening to you with some home staging tips. These tips will enhance your home’s strengths while making any weaknesses less noticeable. That’s the key to selling... [read more]

Drive Your Car Longer With These Preventative Maintenance Tips

Technician changing windshield wipers on a car
If you want to extend the life span of your car, preventative maintenance is a must. The proper maintenance can prevent major breakdowns and help you drive your car well past 100,000 miles. Go over some important preventative maintenance tips to keep your vehicle in great shape for years to... [read more]

Celebrate Memorial Day With These Family-Friendly Ideas

Cupcakes For Fourth Of July Party
Your kids might be too young to understand the reason behind celebrating Memorial Day. However, you can introduce them to this holiday with some family-friendly ideas. These activities will help them understand the importance of the day, and when they get older, they can learn more about the sacrifices made... [read more]

Pedal Up During National Bike Month

Young bearded man cycling on a sunny day
Did you know that May is National Bike Month? People around the country are encouraged to pull out their bicycles and pedal to their destinations all month long. Go over some ways you can celebrate, and get ready for a month full of fresh air and movement. Get a Bicycle If you... [read more]

Grow Something Beautiful This Season

Virginia Bluebells in bloom
This is it, 2021! This is the year you will finally decorate your Virginia flower garden with those beautiful flowers that have filled your dreams for many years now. Many beautiful flowers grow native to Virginia, and they will look wonderful in your garden or yard. Some of these species... [read more]

Organize Your Ride With These Simple, Yet Effective Tips

Man is vacuuming the inside of his car
Keeping your car clean is a constant effort. The more frequently you put work in, the less intense it is. Still, the payoff for maintaining vehicle cleanliness with regularity is immense. You will never feel embarrassed about driving the carpool, and your head will feel clearer. By following a few... [read more]