Organize Your Ride With These Simple, Yet Effective Tips

Man is vacuuming the inside of his car

Keeping your car clean is a constant effort. The more frequently you put work in, the less intense it is. Still, the payoff for maintaining vehicle cleanliness with regularity is immense. You will never feel embarrassed about driving the carpool, and your head will feel clearer. By following a few simple steps to keep your car clean, you can organize your ride and you will never find yourself spending an entire afternoon cleaning crumbs from underneath the seats again.

Clean Your Car Each Week

Finding the time to clean your car every week might sound impossible. However, if you make it a weekly activity, each clean should only take around 20 minutes. Between social media and streaming services, you probably have the time to spare. Think about it like this: If you let gunk build for one year, you will have to an entire weekend cleaning. By cleaning weekly, you are only cleaning out a week’s worth of buildup, instead of months and months of messes.

Many people have the habit of letting trash fall to the floor in their vehicles. One way to avoid this is to buy a tiny trash can that fits between your center console and the middle seat in the second row. They even make trash cans that hang over the back of the passenger seat or center console. You can also avoid the trash by hanging a plastic shopping bag around the passenger armrest. Whatever you decide to do, having a dedicated trash receptacle that is easy to remove and replace will do wonders for keeping your car clean. Ketchup packets and straw wrappers will no longer be floor decor!

File Folders in the Glove Box

Creating labeled folders for your glove box will also serve you well. We all know that glove boxes should really be called “cram important papers here to never be found again” boxes. By creating a file system within your glove box, you can actually find your insurance and registration, essential receipts, and other important documents you forgot you stashed away.

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Invest in Plastic Storage Options

Rather than throwing everything in the trunk without a care for how it is organized, get some plastic drawers like the ones in your closet and under your bed. You can use them to store things like jumper cables, first aid kits, and any other essentials. You can also get smaller bins for under your seats, which will help occupy that space so nothing else gets lost.

Keeping your car clean is not as strenuous or intimidating as it sounds. By cleaning it regularly and putting in some accessories, you’ll ensure that you are enjoying your every venture out. If your car’s cleanliness issues run too deep, stop by Huber Motor Cars in Fredericksburg, Virginia today.

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