Trading In Your Vehicle? Get More With These Tips!

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Right now is a great time to trade in your vehicle. You can get more than ever for a used car, which will give you more cash to put toward a new vehicle. Looking to get the most for your trade? Check out these pro tips from Bankrate to boost your trade-in value.


Take time before you head to the dealership to find the most updated trade-in value for your vehicle. You can search credible sources like Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds to find this value. It will depend on many factors from accident reports to repairs. Once you have a good idea of what your vehicle is worth you can trade in confidently.

Make Repairs

If your vehicle has any damages, your value won’t be as high as it could be. Make sure if there is something that you can fix, you do it before you trade in. Another easy way to get more for your vehicle is to check if it has any recalls on your make and model. If so, you can take it in to the dealership to get it fixed for free.

Shop Around

You don’t need to go with the first offer you get. Check around and get quotes before you go.


Negotiate the new car price that you are interested in as well as your trade-in value separately to make sure the value isn’t inflated from the purchase of a new vehicle. If you negotiate separately, you should get the best value for both.

Consider The Calendar

Different times of the year can affect the trade-in value of your vehicle. However, it typically is a result of demand. For example, all-wheel-drive SUVs are in higher demand during the wintertime. Depending on the vehicle, you may want to wait it out before trading in.

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