Grow Something Beautiful This Season

Virginia Bluebells in bloom

This is it, 2021! This is the year you will finally decorate your Virginia flower garden with those beautiful flowers that have filled your dreams for many years now. Many beautiful flowers grow native to Virginia, and they will look wonderful in your garden or yard. Some of these species will even invite local birds, bees, and butterflies, turning your home into a spring paradise. Also, you can plant annuals for their ephemeral grace or annuals for something to look forward to each year. No matter your choice, planting flowers is a fun hobby that you can never really get enough of. This article will assume you have a place to plant them, but if you need advice on getting started, any local gardening center should situate you.

Virginia Bluebells

Mertensia virginica is aptly called Virginia bluebell because it can grow anywhere in Virginia. Virginia has diverse climates, but Virginia bluebells are stout enough to find a niche throughout the commonwealth. These flowers will bloom in early spring, so it may be next year before you get to lay eyes on them. Although, the beautiful blue, bell-shaped flowers are worth the wait. Plant them in an area with lots of shade and moisture for the best results.

Fringed Bleeding Heart

Fringed bleeding hearts get their name from their appearance. They have fuchsia-colored flowers shaped like a heart that opens at the bottom. These flowers are also hardy enough to be grown throughout the commonwealth, and their range extends to much of the eastern United States. They will bloom a little later in the spring.


Although its name makes it sound like the bad guy in a Harry Potter movie, spiderwort, or Tradescantia virginiana, is a beautiful plant that also grows throughout Virginia. In late spring and early summer, spiderwort’s three-petal, purple flowers start to bloom. There are hybrid varieties that produce white, pink, and alternate-shades-of-purple flowers. You can even shear the flowers to get them to bloom again in early fall.


Daylilies, also known as Hemerocallis, are beautiful flowers that bloom in late spring and early summer. Like spiderwort, there are some varieties that can rebloom in the fall, making your flower garden’s beauty last even longer. There are many varieties with different bloom periods, meaning you can have daylilies popping up throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

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Have a Beautiful Flower Garden in Virginia

These flowers should get you started with a nice garden. There are many more species that grow in Virginia, including fall bloomers and shrubs. Although, the main thing to keep in mind as you foray into gardening is to have fun. Undoubtedly, this hobby is relaxing and perfect for all ages.

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