Cheese Lovers Unite For Pizza Palooza!

Group of friends eating pizza

Put Sept. 25 in your calendar and get ready to enjoy some delicious pizza at Pizza Palooza! The Saturday event starts at 5 p.m., and it lasts four hours. Head to downtown Fredericksburg’s Market Square, which you also know as the Museum Market Square.

The Fredericksburg-Este Association hosts the event. Call them at 540-903-3186 with questions.


Admission is only $2. This price gives you great deals on pizza and drinks while you listen to rock and roll.

Bring your chair along so you can sit to enjoy the music. Additionally, you also won’t have to worry about where to eat.

A Pizza Lover’s Dream

You will find four local pizza vendors at the event, each selling pizza slices for $1. They want to win the “Best in the ‘Burg” title, and you can attend to see the winner.

Volunteer or Sponsor

The event will involve 25 volunteers, so check if there are still spots. The Fredericksburg-Este Association also needs event sponsors. You can sponsor for a donation fee of $250.

Get to Know the Host

The Fredericksburg-Este Association is the sister city association. Este, Italy, is Fredericksburg’s sister city, and the two cities have many similarities. To start, both cities are rich in history and preserve this heritage. They also have thriving local arts communities and host festivals and tourism events.

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Other Fredericksburg-Este Association Events

Don’t stop after Pizza Palooza, as the association hosts more events during the rest of the year. You can even join the association so you can help in the planning of events. Or you can support them by donating your time or money.

For example, La Befana is an annual celebration. La Befana delivers gifts to children every Jan. 5, the Epiphany Eve. She is an Italian legend like Santa. Past celebrations, for instance, include an Italian dinner and activities.

In October, there will be a concert with Italian composers. There was no concert last year, but it will return in 2021. Or wait until February for a wine tasting event.

For now, mark Pizza Palooza in your calendar. Remember, Pizza Palooza is a family-friendly community event. As a bonus, you may even meet new people.

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