These Vehicle Tasks Often Go Overlooked

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Keeping up with routine maintenance is great, but don’t overlook the components that don’t require frequent checks. Check out these commonly overlooked vehicle services according to the News Wheel, and make sure your vehicle continues functioning properly. Don’t let unwanted repairs sneak up on you, let the team at Huber Motor Cars thoroughly inspect your vehicle so you can get back on the road enjoying the wind in your hair.

Overlooked Services

Tire Balance. Rotating and aligning your tires is essential to your vehicle’s performance, but have you checked to make sure the tires are balanced? When your tires are unbalanced it can lead to uneven wear and tear. A good rule of thumb is to have your tires checked to see if they are balanced when they are taken into be aligned or rotated.

Fuel Filter. In modern vehicle fuel filters don’t have to be replaced as often as they used to, but it’s still an important component of your vehicle to pay attention to. This is service needs to be performed every four to five years and the longer you have your vehicle the more likely your filter will get clogged. A good sign that your car needs a new fuel filter is if the engine runs rough, stalls, or has trouble starting.

Power Steering Fluid. The power steering fluid is essential for communicating the necessary movements to your tires. Overtime these liquid begins to get chunky and grimy, which cause issues for the steering system. You should have your power steering fluid inspected every 50,000 to 70,000 miles.

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Visit Huber Motor Cars Service Center

You don’t have to stress over if you’re car is getting the attention it needs when you bring your vehicle to Huber Motor Cars service center in Fredericksburg, VA. The trained staff has the expertise to make sure your vehicle gets the auto service it requires so you can stay on the road mile after mile. Don’t hesitate to contact the service center if you have questions about the available service and parts deals, so schedule your service appointment today at Huber Motor Cars.

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