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Attend The Fredericksburg Spring Arts & Crafts Faire

Fredericksburg Spring Arts & Crafts Faire
Do you love arts and crafts? Whether you like making them or just buying them, you’re going to want to come on out to the Fredericksburg Spring Arts & Crafts Faire. This is one of the most popular events in the Fredericksburg area, and it’s not hard to tell why.... [read more]

Celebrate George Washington’s Birthday At The Mary Washington House

George Washington's Birthday
History is an important part of not only school, but being human. There’s no wonder why history is one of the four main core classes taught in school alongside math, English, and science. While many don’t understand the importance of looking back on things in the past, others are intrigued... [read more]

Puppy Yoga – Get Fit With A New Furry Friend

Puppy Yoga
There’s no denying the love humans have for their dogs. With so many different breeds in the world, there’s literally a dog for everyone. For some, our pets are a member of the family, always going with us on road trips and tagging along on other adventures. If you can’t... [read more]