5 Tips To Protect Your Vehicle’s Battery

Mechanic use voltmeter checking voltage of car battery

Your car battery is the lifeline of your vehicle. Without it, your vehicle won’t run. Not only do you need to replace it from time to time, but there are several things you can do to keep it healthy so that it lasts longer. Check out these tips from Nationwide Insurance to take better care of your vehicle’s battery.


Did you know that heat negatively affects your battery? The life expectancy of your battery can depend on the climate you live in. Although, you can also do some things to keep your battery cool. Park your vehicle in the shade as much as possible during the summer months when it is hot outside. This will expand the life of your battery and keep the interior of your vehicle cooler as well, which is a bonus.


Driving short distances often will drain your battery. The alternator needs time to recharge the battery after you start your car. If you don’t give your alternator enough time, your battery won’t be able to restore. Driving longer distances or increasing your drive time will give your battery plenty of time to recharge.


Remember when we talked about heat? Well, when your battery is dirty, it is being insulated by the dirt and grease that surrounds it, keeping it hot. Spend time cleaning your battery often so that it stays clear of this debris and stays cool.

Charge it

Consider purchasing a car battery charger. This tip is ideal for someone who travels a lot and leaves their vehicle parked for long periods of time. Don’t come back from a work trip only to be met with a car that won’t start.

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Car Care

It is important to keep your vehicle healthy. A car has no use when it won’t turn on, so you will want to follow these tips so that you don’t have to worry about a car that won’t start. Even though you can take better care of your battery, it is inevitable that you will have to replace your battery at a certain point. When you need battery repair or replacement, visit us at Huber Motor Cars! We will help keep you going.

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