Get The House Ready For Holiday Guests!


During the holidays, it’s important to get festive! Whether you have Christmas music playing in the background or you’re spending some time outside hanging Christmas lights, there’s much fun to be had. While many people put up Christmas trees and no other decorations, where’s the fun in that? After all, the holiday season is a fun time to decorate the home and give it a more whimsical look that you don’t see all year.

For those of you who enjoy crafting, chances are you can’t wait until the holiday season arrives. You’ve probably gathered up several decorations and plan on decking the halls and making the home a winter wonderland! If this is your idea of fun, you’re in luck. Below, we’ve taken a closer look at some fun ways to spruce up your home with some holiday magic.

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Add Some Holiday Magic to Your Home

Some of the great ways to add fun holiday themes to your home include the following:

  • Gift Wrapping – Wrapping gifts can sometimes be an art form. You simply don’t grab a pair of scissors, tape, and start working. No! There’s much more you need to know. If you plan on wrapping your gifts and placing them under the tree, be sure to choose a theme from year to year. Perhaps this year is red and white. If so, try to get matching paper, bows, and ribbon.
  • Themes – Speaking of themes, why not extend the same throughout the entire home? Maybe you want to use a red and white Christmas tree skirt, table cloth, napkins, and ornaments. You can even have each room of your home be decked out in a different color scheme!
  • Home Entrance – Since it is the holidays, you’re probably going to have your family and friends come to visit often. If so, you’ll want the entrance of your home to look grand, as if your guests are entering a whole new world. By decorating your staircase with garland or hanging lights above the front door, you have an extra bit of magic that guests will enjoy.
  • Advent Calendars – A fun way to decorate and get your kids involved is to make your own advent calendar. The countdown to Christmas can be a fun experience if your kids can eat a piece of candy each day or hand a different ornament on the tree each day.
  • Unique Stockings – Instead of using traditional red stockings above the mantel of the fireplace, why not find stockings that represent each family member? If your favorite color is blue, get some blue stockings! If your kids love superheroes, find stockings with superheroes on them. This is easy and adds a unique twist.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to add a bit of magic to your home during the holidays. Find some ribbon, colorful paper, and start wrapping!

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