Haven For Heroes Is A Nonprofit With An Incredible Mission

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It’s always wonderful to see people give back to our community. Here at Huber Motor Cars, whenever we see an organization doing great things, we want to make sure the rest of our community sees them too. So, if you haven’t heard of Haven for Heroes and the amazing work they’ve done for veterans in our community, read on to learn their story.

The Haven for Heroes Story

In 2014, the members Anoka County Board were the first people to envision the cottages around the former Anoka State Hospital as homes for veterans in need.  Unfortunately, budget concerns created a barrier to their mission. But they didn’t give up. In 2016, they met with Senator Jim Abeler and formulated a plan to make their dream a reality. The plan would depend on the community’s support to make it happen. In 2017 the community came together spectacularly. More than 400 volunteers helped to restore the cottages so that they could provide cozy, comfortable shelter for veterans. The first veterans moved in on December 1, 2017, and by 2018, Haven for Heroes was officially operational.

The Haven for Heroes Mission

The Haven for Heroes facility is a fully operational, substance and alcohol-free board and lodging facility. The volunteers who work with Haven for Heroes have a mission to “provide a place of safety and refuge for veterans and/or their family members who, for whatever reason, need assistance.” Although, they do far more than provide shelter. Many veterans suffer from PTSD, TBI, or substance addiction. So, the volunteers and staff of the organization work with the VA and other non-profit organizations to provide a path to recovery for veterans as well.

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How You Can Contribute to Haven for Heroes.

If you are interested in giving back to the veterans who have so bravely served, contribute through donation or volunteering. The volunteer teams, which are called VAC Teams (Veterans Allied with the Community), help maintain the facility in many ways. You can contribute by:

  • Assisting with administrative work
  • Planning events
  • Cottage and grounds maintenance
  • Provide transportation
  • Plan or instruct art, music, and enrichment programs
  • Fundraising.

These are just some of the many ways you can participate in the Haven for Heroes mission. You can check the full list of VAC teams to find a match for your skillset.

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