4 Grilling Safety Tips For Your Barbecues

man grilling food on barbecue grill

Summertime consists of eating every meal straight off the grill. Although, before you throw the burgers and dogs on the grates, there are a few precautions you should take to ensure both you, your family, and your food stay safe and your bellies are full this delightful season.

Stay Outdoors, Always

While this may be a given, you would be surprised to hear how many people have tried to use their charcoal or propane grill inside their homes. Also, do not grill under an open-air patio. Make sure your patio is not cluttered around the grill. Move furniture, plants, decorations, and fences away from the grilling area.

Don’t Leave it Unattended

Once the food hits the grill, you are good to go, right? Wrong! When the grill is in use, it needs to be attended to at all times. That way, if flames were to get out of hand, you would be able to put a quick end to it. Always have a fire extinguisher on deck as well!

Clean After Each Use

Every time you grill things like meat, grease and fat are released. And if you don’t clean your grill after every use, it can start a fire. Both fat and grease are extremely inflammable. After each use, take five to 10 minutes to clean your grill, and at the end of each season, treat your grill to a deep clean. While cleaning, be sure to also check and make sure your grill is on stable grounds, which can also be a safety risk.

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When Using Lighter Fluid

Lighter fluid speeds up the heating process, but when used carelessly, it can be extremely dangerous, especially when you put it on hot coals. The safest way to use lighter fluid is to apply a small amount to the coals before they are hot and flaming.

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