Fourth Of July Recipes You Need To Make

Strawberry and Blueberry Fresh Summer Pie on a Distressed Blue Wooden Table

It’s fun to gather family and friends together for the Fourth of July. Bringing the red, white, and blue theme to the party with yummy food can add to the fun and excitement. In addition, if you find you’ll be attending someone else’s gathering, you’ll want to bring something festive and tasty. Try some of these easy and delicious Fourth of July-themed recipes that are perfect for getting in the spirit of the holiday.

Red, White, and Blue Pinwheel Cookies

If you’ve ever made sugar cookies, then you’ll be able to whip these pinwheels up in a flash. The most time-consuming part is dividing the dough so you can create three different colors. Once you’ve got three portions of dough rolled out in red, white, and blue, stack them. Then you can roll them into a log, wrap them in wax paper, and refrigerate. Finally, when it’s time to bake, roll the log in sprinkles, slice, and bake.

Star-spangled Strawberries

Although these star-spangled strawberries look elegant, they’re super easy to create. You’ll need a batch of melting chocolate and white chocolate and some red, white, and blue sprinkles. Dip the strawberries, and before the chocolate cools completely, add the sprinkles for a delicious and fancy treat.

Patriotic Chocolate Bark

Look no further than a yummy chocolate bark for another simple recipe that will be a crowd-pleaser. Melt some chocolate in a double boiler, and pour into a lined sheet pan. Then repeat with white chocolate after the first layer has cooled. Finish the bark by sprinkling red, white, and blue candies on top. Once the bark has cooled, break it into smaller pieces and serve. You can customize the layers with other flavors like butterscotch if you prefer.

Independence Pudding Cups

If you’re looking for a fun-themed dessert that the kids can help create, then pudding cups are the way to go. You can use food dye to make the red and blue layers with vanilla pudding. Let the kids top them with their favorite cookie or candy crumbles. Another variation you can try is to create the layers with gelatin instead of pudding.

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Charcuterie ‘4’ All

If you’re more into savory than sweet, then think about arranging a cheese and snacks board in the shape and colors of the flag. You can alternate different white cheeses with sliced meats and red peppers or tomatoes for the stripes. Then you can arrange blueberries with more cheese cut into star shapes for the rest of the flag. And don’t be afraid to get creative. With some imagination, you can include a sliced cheese log, crackers or blue corn tortilla chips, nuts, and fruit. This tray is easy and delicious, visually stunning, and sure to be a hit at the party. And you didn’t have to cook a single thing.

These recipes are so easy and yummy that you might start a new tradition of Fourth of July themed food. You’ll get a ton of compliments on these festive foods, and it’ll look like you spent a lot of time. It’s time to celebrate the holiday in style!

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