The Do’s And Don’ts Of Driving In Heavy Rain

Car windshield in traffic jam during rain

Living in Fredericksburg, VA, and surrounding areas will mean you will sooner than later run into rain as you drive. When the rain is light, it won’t affect your driving much. However, when larger storms roll in and the rains increase, it can make your job in the driver’s seat more challenging. To stay safe and to drive well, you need to follow some guidelines. As you do this, you, those in your car, and others on the road can avoid accidents and injuries.

Turn on Your Lights

Your field of vision and visibility will go down significantly when heavy rains fall. Consequently, it will be harder to judge where objects are in your way. Furthermore, drivers of other cars will not as easily see you. To combat this challenge, make sure you turn on your lights when rain is falling.

Reduce Your Speed

Speed is one of the leading factors that cause accidents. This can happen regardless of the weather. But when rain falls heavily, the roads will become more slippery. Your tires will have a harder time gaining traction. Your chances of sliding off the road or into other objects will be greater if you go fast. Thus, it’s vital to slow down. This will give you more time to react and allow your vehicle to come to a complete stop.

Don’t Tailgate

You probably hate when a driver behind you follows too closely. Perhaps you have been guilty of this yourself. Following cars too closely is even more dangerous in the rain. When you hit the brakes, your car is more prone to sliding when the road is wet. Therefore, you will need more space between your car and the one in front of you to avoid accidents. Typically, you should be two seconds behind the car in front of you. But in the rain, increase this to three or four seconds.

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Pull Over

You should never fear for your safety or feel unsafe behind the wheel. Conditions such as heavy rain can create this type of environment. Never think it’s more important to get to your destination than it is to drive safely. Pull over if the rain is so torrential that you can’t see or feel unsafe. Moreover, if you are about to go out in such weather, it may be best to wait until the storm passes. Plan your trips accordingly so you are not driving in bad weather when possible.

Technicians at Huber Motor Cars in Fredericksburg, Virginia, will tell you not to underestimate the importance of driving cautiously in bad weather. Visit one of our dealerships if you have questions about implementing these safe practices immediately.

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