Celebrate National Coffee Cake Day With This Recipe

Homemade Coffee Cake with Cinnamon and Nuts

Did you know that April 7 is National Coffee Cake Day? This holiday might not be as big as Easter or Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth celebrating. You can do just that in a big way by tackling this Classic Coffee Cake recipe. It’s so delicious that you’ll want to keep it handy so you can make it for other occasions as well. First, let’s go over some tips to help when following the recipe. Then you’ll be ready to whip it up in time for your celebration.

Adapting the Recipe

This coffee cake recipe is a hit as-is, but you might want to adapt it based on your tastes. For example, if you want some extra zest, include cardamom in the recipe. You can also use pumpkin pie spice instead of cinnamon and sugar if you’re going for a unique coffee cake flavor. Oh, and if you like crunchy coffee cake, include chopped pecans or walnuts in the recipe. You can add them to the batter or the topping. Finally, consider using heavy cream instead of whole milk. You’ll want to do this if you prefer a rich, creamy coffee cake.

Don’t Mix the Batter Too Long

You want the batter to be nice and thick when making the cake, so don’t overmix it. You can stop mixing when there are still some lumps in the batter. Just make sure it’s mixed all the way through so you don’t end up with dry spots in the batter.

Grease the Spatula When Adding the Top Layer

You want to keep the cinnamon sugar middle intact when spreading the top layer. Thus, grease your spatula before spreading the layer. Then the middle will stay in place, so you’ll enjoy some cinnamon sugar with each bite.

Keep an Eye on the Topping When Baking

Depending on your oven, the streusel topping might brown faster than you’d like when baking. That’ll cause it to burn before the cake finishes baking, but you can remedy this problem. Take it out of the oven and tent the pan with foil. Then put the pan back into the oven, but place it on a lower rack. This will protect the streusel topping while giving the rest of the cake time to bake.

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Check the Cake Before it’s Done

It usually takes 50-55 minutes to finish baking. Still, check it when it’s been in the oven for 40 minutes. If it’s almost done, keep an eye on it until it’s finished.

Now you’re ready to throw this coffee cake together. Keep these tips in mind so you’ll end up with a delicious, mouth-watering coffee cake.

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