Original Sewing & Quilt EXPO

Original Sewing & Quilt Expo
If you love sewing, quilting, and everything in between, then you probably realize that it can be difficult finding other people who share your hobby. But when you come out to the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo here in Fredericksburg, Virginia, you’ll see that you’re not alone. Not only that,... [read more]

Try Cowhill Burgers And Gelato!

Cowhill Burgers and Gelato
When you go out to eat, there are times when you want a big meal. Not only do you want a delicious entree, but you want to finish it off with a tasty dessert, as well. But all too often, you’ll have to go to two separate places to get... [read more]

Find Your Zen With Baby Goat Yoga

Goat Yoga
If you know anything about yoga, you know it’s a fantastic way to relax, work out, and have fun. But have you ever done yoga with animals before? You have the chance to do so now when you come out to Baby Goat Yoga. Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds... [read more]

Be One Of The First To Try Mission BBQ

Mission BBQ
Do you ever wish that you were one of the first people to find out about a new cool spot in town? Well, you now have the chance. Just come out to the brand-new Mission BBQ in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and you can be the one to tell your friends all... [read more]

See Lady Antebellum Take The Stage

Lady Antebellum
You’ve heard of Lady Antebellum, right? This band has had some huge hits over the past year, and they’re still riding that high. Therefore, it really is the perfect time to see them in concert. You’re in luck. They are coming to Fredericksburg on Saturday, July 6, and you will... [read more]

Try Something New At These Coffee Shops In Fredericksburg

Coffee Shops In Fredericksburg
You know how you like your coffee or tea. Chances are, you have it much the same way every morning when you wake up. But do you ever feel like it’s time for something new? The best way to try a new coffee drink is to find something delicious from... [read more]

Take Your Yoga Class To The Next Level With Baby Goat Yoga

Baby Goat Yoga
You may have been to many yoga classes before, and if you have, you pretty much already know the drill. You go into class, go through the poses, and end in a savasana. Sure, that’s a great recipe for a yoga class, but what if you could switch things up... [read more]

Come See Parmalee At The Hard Times Café

Parmalee Hard Times Café
You’ve heard of Parmalee, right? It’s one of the most interesting bands on the country music scene today. Sure, you may have heard the band’s stuff on the radio, but what if you could see it live? Well, now you can, because it’s coming to Fredericksburg. That’s right. Parmalee will... [read more]

Try The Flavors Of Fredericksburg Food Tour

Flavors Of Fredericksburg Food Tour
You love living in Fredericksburg, don’t you? It’s an amazing community full of great people who care for each other. But there may be one side of Fredericksburg that you don’t see nearly often enough, and that’s the food scene. There are some truly incredible restaurants in Fredericksburg, and you... [read more]