Tips To Help Your New Teen Driver

A teenage student driver smiling behind the wheel of a car

Is your teenager ready to start driving? They’re probably excited and thrilled to learn a new life skill and take advantage of the freedom that comes with it. Although, as a parent, you’re probably more than a little nervous. To ease your nerves and make sure you provide your teen with the best driving instruction possible, follow these tips.

Relearn Before You Teach

After years of driving, you’ve probably forgotten some of the basics you learned when you were a teenager. Or, those basic driving principles have become so second nature that you wouldn’t think to impart them to your new student driver. Consider taking a driving refresher course to help you recall all of the details. Several Fredericksburg area businesses offer classes for adults. If taking a course won’t fit into your schedule, review the Virginia Driver’s Manual on your own instead.

Lay Down the Rules

Before you let your teen get behind the wheel, establish a few ground rules. A restriction on phones, tablets, or other distractions should be one of the first rules you put in place. Explain that their attention should be focused on the road during their driving time. If they would like to listen to music while they drive, insist that they create a playlist beforehand to avoid the distraction of changing the radio station, or picking out a new song.  It might be a good idea to establish a volume limit as well.

Get a “Student Driver” Sign

Finally, the last thing you should do before you get started is place a “Student Driver” sign on your car. This will make other drivers aware that they should keep their distance and drive more defensively. It will also keep seasoned drivers calm if your child does something that’s considered bad driving etiquette.

Stay Calm and Teach On

Regarding being calm, studies show that calm parents are better teachers than nervous or tense parents. Not only that, your teen’s mood will reflect your own, and nervous students are not the best learners. For that reason, managing your emotions is paramount to effective driving instruction. So, take a few deep breaths and you’ll be a better driving teacher for it.

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