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How To Create Your Own Scented Candles

Cozy candles on a wooden table
Nothing is cozier than a fall-scented candle enveloping a room with the aroma of apples, cinnamon, clover, and all the scents you associate with cooler weather. After spending so much time at home, you may be itching to redecorate for the season. Try making your decorations a little more personal... [read more]

Tutorial: Cleaning Upholstered Car Seats

Young smiling woman cleaning the car interiors, she is vacuuming the seats upholstery with a vacuum cleaner
Most people spend hours in their cars each day. From commuting to and from work, hauling kids around town, and taking trips and vacations, car seats get a lot of wear and tear. Every once in a while you may want to clean your upholstered car seats. The cloth interior... [read more]

Washing Your Car: Tips And Tricks For The Perfect Shine

Smiling man washing his car with a sponge.
April flowers bring pollen, and yellow dust covers everything. It can really build up on your vehicle. Luckily, a simple at-home car wash is all you need to get your truck, car, SUV, or van looking like new. Plus, an at-home-car wash is a great activity for the whole family... [read more]

No Halloween Costume? No Problem!

We’ve all been there – October has nearly slipped by completely, and you’ve forgotten to prepare a Halloween costume (again). Don’t panic, though, Best Products has put together a list of 51 DIY Halloween costumes to help you out. The best part? The costumes use items you’re likely to already have... [read more]