Stand Out With These Winter Style Tips

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Let your clothes talk for you this season by following these winter style tips! Stand out, stay warm, and feel good about what you are wearing. No matter if you are wanting to stay cozy, branch out, or make the most of the items you already have, PopSugar has you covered with these winter style tips!

Cozy Trends

Turtlenecks are super cozy and great for the winter! Plus, they are also great for layering. Put them under your summer clothes to get more use, or as a base for a chunky sweater. Do not ditch your legging this year. Instead, dress them up with a puffer jacket, boots, and accessories.

Denim is also a great way to remain comfortable during the winter. A simple pullover and you are warm and comfy for the season in a laidback style. Or wear sneakers as a fun way to dress down an outfit. Dress your hoodie up this year by tucking it into some trousers and adding a nice jacket over top. This look is cozy and fashion-forward!

Texture Musts

Add something a little more to your outfit by pulling your sleeves out from under your coat. Or mix patterns this season instead of having one big pattern moment in a jacket or skirt, bring two cozy patterns together for a dynamic look. Corduroy is a fun way to add texture and color to an outfit! No matter if it is pants or a dress corduroy will keep you warm and looking good this season.

Place checks on checks for a fun way to add more patterns. Make sure to break up the colorful patterns with dark accents so they do not clash, like dark tights or boots and other accessories. Or wearing pastels that are textured. No one expects pastels in the winter, so stand out with this fun look.


Keep a sweater on you in case you need the extra warmth, but also as an accessory. Instead of carrying it or tying one around your waist, tie your sweater around your shoulders for a fun pop. Add a hat to any look to make the most out of warmth and accessorizing. Whether you add a beanie or a beret, a hat will take your look to the next level. Do not knock the boot tuck! This is a simple way to accessorize and add some dimension to a look.

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A Seasonal Palette

If you are not sure where to start, begin with a seasonal color palette. Think ivory, icy blue, and gray. Buy staples in these colors to mix together for a winter wardrobe! Have a white monochrome moment this season. Stay in a winter palette but mix it up by wearing pieces with different textures and patterns.

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