Prep Your Vehicle For The New Season

Smiling Mature Man Inflating Car Tires Outdoors

Smiling Mature Man Inflating Car Tires Outdoors

It’s time to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. With the new season, you might be thinking about decorations and other things you need to do. Be sure to put car maintenance on your list as well. Let’s go over some ways you can prep your vehicle for the new season. Then, your car will drive right through autumn and into winter without any issues.

Inspect the Wiper Blades

Even if you didn’t use your windshield wipers much during the summer, they might still be worn. Extreme heat can cause them to wear down faster than normal, meaning it might be time to replace them. Fortunately, it’s easy to find out if your windshield wipers are in working order. First, put some windshield wash on your windshield. Then, use your wipers to wipe it away. You shouldn’t see any streaks or missed spots on your windshield. If you do, you can buy some new wipers and replace them. This is a simple job that you can do yourself.

Make Sure the Tires Are Ready for Fall

Your tires impact everything, from handling to gas mileage and keeping you safe on the road. Thus, don’t drive into fall before making sure your tires are up to the challenge. The penny test is an effective way to check the tread. Grab a penny and turn it upside down. Then, place it between the tread and look at Lincoln’s head. Can you see the top of Honest Abe’s head? That means the tread is too low, and you need new tires.

If your tires pass the tread test, it’s time to check the pressure. Temperature fluctuations can change the tire pressure, so you might need to add some air. Follow the pressure guidelines in your owner’s manual when filling your tires with air.

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Check the Fluids

Your car is full of fluids that keep it running. If they get too low or become sludgy, your car won’t be able to perform as it should. The fall is a great time to check the fluids since the cooler air can cause them to get thicker, making it hard for them to travel to all the necessary components. Check the fluids to make sure they’re clean and full. As you do this, don’t forget about the antifreeze. The first cold snap could be here soon, and you want to make sure you have the coolant needed to prevent the engine from freezing.

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