Pack Like A Pro With These Tips

Young family with two children packing for holiday.

Spring break will be here before you know it! Whether you are headed to the mountains for a hike or the beach to sunbathe, one of the not-so-fun things about going on a vacation is packing. Don’t you wish you could just pack up your closet and take it with you? It always seems to happen, you get to your destination only to wish you would have packed a comfortable pair of shoes, an extra pair of shorts, or a better swimsuit. Pack like a professional with these tips!

Sit Down and Plan

Packing well takes some planning. Consider the weather, how long you will be on vacation, any special events you will be attending, and your form of travel. If you are flying on an airplane, your space will be more limited, which means you will need to pack lighter.

Dual-Purpose Garments

You can pack lighter by bringing dual-purpose garments. Bring your favorite pair of jeans, a versatile jacket that matches many outfits, and only a few pairs of shoes to get you through the trip.

Make the Most of Your Space

If you want to make your small suitcase feel bigger, consider investing in some packing cubes. You can separate different clothing items, reduce wrinkles in your clothes, and free up space. Not to forget, you will know exactly where everything is when you arrive at your vacation destination, which means more time by the pool and less time looking for your swimsuit.

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Choose Your Bag Wisely

If you are flying, your best option is a rolling suitcase. Although, if you are driving, you have more options, whether you want to bring a duffle bag, suitcase, or various small bags, the choice is yours. Make sure to pack your toiletries and products in a separate, smaller cosmetic bag, that way you don’t have to worry about something spilling on your clothes.

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