Tips To Get Rid Of Leftover Halloween Candy

Boy in skeleton costume holding bowl full of candies

It’s the Monday after fright night, and your kids are probably still fighting a sugar rush. They ran around the neighborhood, grabbed handfuls of sugar treats, and then, ran home to dump out their new candy collection. Each child has their favorites, whether that’s chocolates or sour gummy bears. Now that that they have eaten their most desired candies, you are probably left with a bowl full of goodies. If you are unsure of what to do with all of the left over sweets, keep reading for how to make use of the leftover Halloween candy in your home!

Make DIY Trail Mix

After so many sugary treats, you are going to have a salty snack on the brain. Whether you have M&Ms or gummies, they will be delicious when mixed in with dried nuts, cereal, or fruits. For snack time this week, pack this sweet and salty snack for your kiddos.

Something Special in Your Coffee

Do you have peppermints or chocolates around? If you are a coffee drinker, there’s nothing more caffeinating and delicious than a flavored coffee. With this hack, you will be jumping right out of bed, or whipping it up immediately after dinner for dessert.

Did Someone Say Piñata?

Is your little ones November or December birthday right around the corner? Why drop lots of cash so close to the holiday when you can have a candy themed party? Fill a piñata with leftover sweets and give the kiddos a safe-to-use bat, and watch your budget-friendly kids’ birthday party pan out.

Make a Care Package

Are you missing that special someone? You are still several weeks away from Thanksgiving and Christmas, and your long distance significant other, grandmother, or great uncle would love to hear from you. Pack some candy in a package with a special note, and make their day with this sweet idea!

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Save Some For a Rainy Day

Let’s be honest, there’s not much a handful of candy can’t fix. Whenever you are having a rough day, have some treats on hand in your purse, in your work drawer, or in a special bowl in the kitchen.

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