Get Ready For Spring Lawn Care

Father and his little son mowing the lawn together at home

Father and his little son mowing the lawn together at home

Spring is ringing the alarm clock, telling your lawn it’s time to start stretching those green blades of grass toward the sun. That means it’s time for you to whip your yard into shape with these spring lawn care tasks.

Get Rid of The Leaves

Even if you routinely rake up your yard during the fall and winter, there are likely a few stray leaves and dried grass scattered across your lawn. If you put off raking up the leaves they’ll add to your thatch layer cause build up. Thatch build up happens when your lawn accumulates more organic debris — dead leaves and grass — than it can break down. It can have several adverse affects on your lawn. It harbors insects and lawn diseases and can make it hard for water to reach your soil. So, protect your lawn by raking up leaves as soon as possible.

Fill In Bare Spots

After you’ve raked your lawn you might notice that you have a few bare spots. Overseed these areas with warm season grass. It’s best to fill in the bald spots in your lawn during late spring but you can spot treat small areas earlier in the season and still get good results. While you’re overseeding, make sure to add a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer. Then, five weeks later add a quick release feed.

Pull Up the Weeds

If you’ve noticed that crabgrass or other weeds have a nasty habit of creeping into your lawn, apply an herbicide early in the spring. Weeds usually die in the winter but return in the summer. Applying herbicide can stop any seeds that dropped last summer from thriving, thus breaking their life cycle.

Water Your Lawn

If you live in a region with heavy rainfall, you can let nature do what it does best to irrigate your lawn for you. If rainfall is scarce however, continue to water your lawn as you have throughout the winter. You should increase the amount of water you give  your lawn as temperatures rise.

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Mow and Enjoy

You can start mowing your lawn as soon as the grass is high enough and the ground is dry. Then, you can enjoy driving up to a plush green lawn in your new Volvo or Mercedes from Huber Motor Cars.

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