Get Organized This Fall With These Tips

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It’s no debate that this year has been hectic. Everyone being at home means dining rooms have turned into disorganized office spaces and cozy family rooms turned into cluttered classrooms. You probably want to get on top of the issue heading into a new season. Organization is key at this time, and our friends at Real Simple have four tips to help any disheveled situation.

Closet Clean-Out

  • Get rid of clothes you haven’t worn in a while or don’t see yourself wearing again.

Has your office opted for a more casual dress code during the WFH time? Clothes in your closet that don’t get worn are just taking up valuable space. If you don’t think you will ever wear an item again, consider donating or selling it. The change of season is also a great time to go through and get rid of out-of-season items. This is also a great time to go through accessories for any necklaces or earrings you don’t wear.

Store Items

  • Store out-of-season items from around your house.

Consider walking around your house and collecting decorations, clothes, and even toys that are out-of-season and storing them in bins in the attic or garage. Summer-themed toys can be donated or stored until next season. Decorations for the summer holidays can also be placed in storage. One tip to make a room look less cluttered? Remove unnecessary decorations. Think about storing spring and summer decorations just like you do your winter holiday decorations.

Space Savers

  • To add more space, consider going vertical.

You’ve probably packed a few more bookcases in the dining room to hold school work and office files, and there isn’t much room for more. Did you consider adding shelves vertically? This is a great tip for any location. Items that are less frequently used can be placed on higher shelves. Use drawer dividers to keep drawers organized and items in clear view. Increase closet space for storage by using cascading hangers.

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Simplify Your Routines

  • Make children’s items more accessible to avoid hectic mornings before everyone has to be on Zoom.

Make sure clothes are accessible for children so they don’t have to ask for help to reach a shirt or pants. This will make getting dressed in the mornings a little easier. Place school items on low shelves so children can get what they need for the day themselves. Turn making lunches into an assembly line with sandwich bags, sandwich fixings, ready-to-go snacks, or whatever else you need. Plan out the day the night before. Make sure computers and tablets are being charged.

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