Detail Your Vehicle Like a Pro With These Tips

Woman hand drying the vehicle hood with a red towel

Woman hand drying the vehicle hood with a red towel

Have you tried your hand at detailing your car at home but never gotten the results you want? You can change that by learning some professional detailing techniques. Check out these tips so you can detail your vehicle like a pro.

Rinse Your Ride Before Washing it

Do you go straight to soapy water when washing your car? This can cause the grime to work its way into the paint. Thus, rinse your car thoroughly before washing it so it’ll glisten and gleam when you’re done.

Use Car Soap When Detailing Your Ride

While some people use dishwashing soap for detailing their vehicles, that’s a huge mistake. The harsh soap can damage the paint, so use something formulated for vehicles. Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo and Conditioner is one option. It’s gentle on the paint and tough on grime, so your car will sparkle when it’s clean.

Don’t Use a Sponge

Most people use sponges when washing their cars at home. Unfortunately, sponges soak up dirt and grit and capture it inside. It essentially turns the sponge into sandpaper, increasing the risk of scratching the paint. Professional detailers use microfiber mitts when washing cars. These mitts don’t trap the dirt and grit, so they stay soft and gentle.

Don’t Forget the Top Edges When Washing the Windows

The top of your windows accumulate grime, but this detail is often missed when cleaning a car. After washing your windows, roll them down a bit and hit the top. Then you won’t have to see gunk and grime when you roll your windows down while driving.

Clean the Air Vents

Do you use the brush attachment on a vacuum to clean your car’s air vents? While that’ll get rid of some dust, it can’t get it all. So instead, spray a little bit of furniture polish on a small paintbrush, and then clean the vents. Also, have a rag handy to wipe the dust from the brush before going from one vent to the next.

Use a Carpet Cleaning Machine

You’ll detail your car like a pro if you use a carpet cleaning machine to remove the dirt in the fabric’s fibers. Use the machine for the carpet, including cloth seats. Your carpet will look and smell fresh after you finish.

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Polish the Finish

You probably wax your vehicle but don’t polish it, thinking they’re the same thing. However, wax protects the finish while polishing removes small scratches and imperfections. It also buffs the paint, so it shines. Thus, make sure you polish it when washing it.

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