Check Out These Creative Wall Décor Ideas

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We are spending a lot more time in our homes this year. While in your home, you may be noticing some small projects you could take on. From overdue repairs and updates to redecorating entire rooms, there is so much you can do to spice up your space this season. Take a closer look at this list from Country Living to get some inspiration.

Vintage Signs

A great way to add charm to your area is to add a vintage sign. You can find new signs at most major retail stores, but you can also search antique markets to find signs that were used in the past. Chip and Joanna will be proud of your vintage finds and it is sure to add character to any wall in your home.

Get Crafty

Do you have a favorite book? Try putting pages from different books you have into decorative frames. You can hang these frames in a grid or spread them out in a unique design. These will give you a fun project to tackle and leave you with a personal décor piece.

Decorative Curtains

An easy way to change things up in your space is to replace your curtains. You can update the color palette to a bold print or find curtains that have decorative accents like tassels or pom-poms.

Sparkle And Shine

Add some sparkle and shine to your walls with pewter plates. If you can’t find plates that are pewter, you can spray paint old plates to get the same effect. Hang these plates in a unique pattern on your wall to add a lot of shimmer for a small price.


A great way to make your room look bigger is to hang a mirror on your wall. Shop for mirrors in all shapes and sizes to fit any wall in the house.

Let There Be Light

Save some room on your bedside tables by hanging light fixtures on the walls next to your bed. You can choose the type of light bulb you use to add the perfect glow to your room.

Add Shelving

Another great way to utilize space on your dressers and tables throughout your house is to add shelves. Install floating shelves for a decorative and unique way to save space and add dimension.

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Make It Your Own

This list should get your creative juices flowing so that you can update and upgrade your home. But if you are looking to update or upgrade your ride, check out Huber Motor Cars!

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