Bring The Outside In

Cozy rope swing in living room with green houseplants

As things start to warm up next month, you’ll probably want to get outside and enjoy the return of colorful blossoms and spring greenery. Although, the springtime vibes don’t have to remain outside. Bring the outside in with these creative, nature-inspired décor ideas.

Add Color With Flower Arrangements

Part of spring’s appeal is the wonderful colors blossoming all around. They’re a refreshing sight after the browns and grays of winter. To bring some of nature’s spring cheer into your home, try creating flower arrangements of different styles that reflect the landscape outside.  For instance, you can easily mimic the natural way that flowers grow at different lengths. Just create arrangements in vases of varying heights. Another idea that uses multiple vases is selecting different types of flowers and arranging them in small vases within an old toolbox. The finished arrangement will look like a tiny indoor garden.

Decorate with Greenery

The primary color of spring is green. So add a little greenery to your home with houseplants. Also, don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb. You can accomplish these décor ideas using live plants or faux plants. For example, you can create a tropical feel in a room that gets a lot of sunlight by adding live palm trees. Don’t want the trouble of caring for a real one? Use a faux palm tree instead. Either way, the room will have a nice summery feel to it. You can also fill a cart with your favorite succulents if you want to have live plants, but you’re too busy to care for them.  Some of the best succulents for indoor décor are Aloe Vera, Living Stone, and Ghost Plant.

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Let Nature In With Creative Interior Designs

If you’re reimagining your living space or building a custom home, you should check out this list of design ideas. With the right home builder or contractor, you can do amazing things that make your home feel like a part of the great outdoors. One creative idea is to turn a light well into an indoor garden or highlight the view of an actual garden with floor-to-ceiling windows. Whatever you decide to do, have fun with it!

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