7 Ways To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With The Kiddos

A woman and her children decorate St. Patrick's Day cupcakes

It’s almost St. Paddy’s day! Besides dressing in green and pinching anyone who doesn’t, there are a lot of fun ways you and your little one can get in the Irish spirit. Here are seven ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your kids.

Cook an Irish Green Breakfast

Start the day with a St. Paddy’s Day-themed breakfast to get in the spirit first thing in the morning. You can serve lucky charms with green milk (made with food coloring of course) or make green pancakes and a batch of these Shamrock Fried Eggs.

Pack a Lucky Lunch

This year, St. Patrick’s Day is on a Thursday. So, your little ones will likely be at school during lunch. Therefore, pack them a little bit of luck in their lunchbox. You can create a green-filled bento box, cut a sandwich into the shape of a shamrock using a cookie-cutter, or just leave a fun leprechaun note.

Make a St. Patrick’s Day Desert

On the sweeter side of things, you can whip up a St. Patrick’s Day treat for an after-school snack. Or make an activity out of baking a lucky dessert together. These Clover Rice Krispie Treats are easy and a lot of fun to make together.

Set Leprechaun Traps

We all know the leprechaun myth.  If you can trap one, they will grant you three wishes or take you to a pot of gold. So, grab your crafting tools and spend the afternoon setting leprechaun traps. An easy one to make is a large vase with a trap door at the top. Here’s an easy-to-follow video tutorial on how to make it.

Create a Scavenger Hunt

Instead of trapping a leprechaun to get the gold, why not create a fun little scavenger hunt in your home, back yard, or neighborhood. You can use this one as an example.

See What’s at the End of the Rainbow

Create a rainbow trail using multi-colored yarn and you and your little ones can finally see if there’s a real pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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Read a Fun St. Patrick’s Day Book

After a day of exciting treasure hunts and deliciously green treats, you can tuck your little one in and read them a St. Patrick’s Daybook before you say good night. O’Sullivan’s Stew or A Fine St. Patrick’s Day is an easy read for younger children.

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