Pedal Up During National Bike Month

Young bearded man cycling on a sunny day

Young bearded man cycling on a sunny day

Did you know that May is National Bike Month? People around the country are encouraged to pull out their bicycles and pedal to their destinations all month long. Go over some ways you can celebrate, and get ready for a month full of fresh air and movement.

Get a Bicycle

If you already have a bike, you’re ready to celebrate. Don’t worry if you don’t have one, though. There are lots of bike rental options in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Once you rent a bike, you can pedal around without any worries.

Pedal When You Can

You likely can’t ride a bike everywhere you go. However, you can pedal as much as possible. Hop on your bike to go to work, or head to the store on your bicycle if you only need to pick up one or two things. If you can’t use it for items on your to-do list, ride for fun. You can ride your bicycle around your neighborhood or cycle on one of the trails, such as the Fall Hill Trail. As you do this, you’ll get the chance to appreciate Fredericksburg’s natural beauty.

Celebrate Special Days

If you can’t bike everywhere all of the time, consider celebrating during a special week or day. Bike to Work Week takes place on May 17-23, and May 21 is the official Bike to Work Day. Encourage your coworkers to participate so you can ride as a company. Also, if you have kids, they might want to participate in Bike to School Day on May 5. They’ll likely be joined by other kids who love their bicycles as well.

Stay Safe When Biking

Make sure you enjoy National Bike Month safely. Wear a helmet and other safety gear, so you’ll be protected on the road. If you ride your bike after dark, put on reflective clothing so others can see you. Also, put a reflector on your bike to allow motorists to see you.

Regarding motorists, pay special attention to them when you’re biking, as they might not see you. You need to be aware of the cars on the road to ensure you don’t get too close to them. If possible, ride your bike far away from cars, so you don’t have to worry about a serious accident.

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Don’t Forget Water

Consider adding a water bottle holder to your bike so you can stay hydrated while celebrating National Bike Month. Fredericksburg can get quite hot during the summer, so you will need some water while you’re peddling. If you don’t have a holder, you can put H2O in your backpack.

These tips will help you get started for National Bike Month. Pedal as much as you can, and use your vehicle for the rest of your trips. You will enjoy the fresh air and endorphin boost you get from biking, so get ready for an exciting month ahead.

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