Keep Your Vehicle Cool With These Tips

car with sun visor in windshield to keep cool

car with sun visor in windshield to keep cool

It’s hot, and it’s going to be this way for a while here in Fredericksburg. The summer heat can feel inescapable, and no one looks forward to getting into a hot car. If you want to cool down your car this season, try these heat-beating tips.

Find the Shade

The most obvious way to keep your car from getting too hot is to keep it out of direct sunlight. If you have access to a garage, that should do the trick, but that’s not always an option. Look for shadows cast by large objects like buildings or signs. This will shield your vehicle from sun rays, but consider how long you’ll be out when you park. If you’re only going to leave the car parked for a little while, the shade of a single tree should do fine. However, if you’re gone for a while, remember that the shadows will shift to expose your car to the heat as the world turns.

Bring Shade with You

Even if you can’t find a shady spot to park, you can still keep direct sunlight from beating into your cabin by putting up a sunshade on your windshield. Window visors can block those hot rays, and you can also find versions made specifically for rear and passenger windows as well.

Keep the Cabin Covered

Getting into a hot car can be made so much more unpleasant when you take hold of the steering wheel to find that it’s blazing hot. When the sun pours into your car and over the interior, surfaces like the steering wheel, armrests, seats, and dash can become unbearably hot, so keep them covered with hand towels to lower the contact temperature.


A little airflow can lower the temperature on hot days, so consider installing a solar-powered fan to keep the air moving in your cabin. Before you get in, leave the door open for a few minutes to let the hot air out. This can also let cool air in, so consider opening another door for a quick cross breeze.

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