Build Your Own Firepit To Enjoy Spring Nights

Beautiful garden with fire pit andirondack chairs and greenhouse

When you’re looking to update your backyard, check out this firepit idea from HGTV and build your own firepit for your outdoor living area. This simple design will take your yard to a whole new level and your house will be the house that your friends and family hang out at. So grab your supplies and build your own outdoor firepit today.


  • 1 Bag of All-Purpose Sand
  • 15 7-inch Concrete Pavers or Fire Brick
  • About 0.5 Cubic Feet of Pea Gravel
  • Level
  • Metal Firepit Ring
  • Shovel
  • 36 Retaining Wall Blocks


Step 1: Find level ground, as it will make it easier to build and enjoy after you’re done.

Step 2: Place the metal firepit ring on level ground and trace the exterior of the ring with the shovel.

Step 3: Remove the firepit ring and dig a hole that’s around 7 inches deep.

Step 4: Grab your bag of sand and pour 1-inch of the sand into the hole. Tamp the sand flat, and grab your level to ensure that it is level.

Step 5: Take the retaining wall blocks and place one layer in the whole with the outside of the block on the sand.

Step 6: Place the metal ring on the inside of the base row of blocks.

Step 7: Using the concrete pavers or fire bricks start placing them on the bottom of the fire pit, covering as much of the area as possible.

Step 8: Now with the pea gravel fill the spots in between the blocks and bricks.

Step 9: Finish your firepit by stack the retaining blocks to the desired height around the hole.

Step 10: Enjoy!

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Build Your Own Firepit

When you build your firepit it should be around 15 feet away from any structure, while also staying close to a water source. The metal firepit ring that you choose ultimately decides how big your firepit is, which can also impact the number of blocks and pavers you’ll need. You won’t regret building this firepit so grab the keys your vehicle from Huber Motor Cars and head to the nearest store to grab all the necessary supplies to improve your backyard.

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