5 Staycation Ideas

Family watching film in garden

Family watching film in garden

Are you in dire need of a vacation but don’t have time for a getaway? Instead of making travel plans, you can enjoy a staycation without leaving Fredericksburg. Check out these five staycation ideas that will help you relax and have a blast without putting in much time, effort, or money.

1.      Take a Break From Chores and Tasks

First, set the tone by taking a break from your everyday chores and tasks. For example, remove your work email from your phone, and hide your chore list for the weekend. This will help you get out of the day-to-day rut so you can truly relax.

2.      Enjoy Some Local Attractions

If you’ve lived in Fredericksburg for long, you might have become immune to the city’s fun attractions. Fredericksburg is bursting with things to do, so come up with an itinerary of experiences you’d like to enjoy during your staycation. Whether you want to soak up the history, spend time at a museum, play a round of golf, or go on an outdoor adventure, the city has you covered. Check out some of the top things to do in Fredericksburg and pick one or two to fill your time during your staycation.

3.      Watch a Movie Outside

If you love movies, consider turning your backyard into a theater for your staycation. You’ll need a screen and a portable projector for the evening. Then you can throw some blankets or chairs in the backyard and watch a film under the stars. And if you want to enhance the experience, you can even make s’mores while watching the movie. Now that’s something you can’t do at a movie theater.

4.      Take a Cooking Class

Do you want to improve your cooking skills? If so, you can take a cooking class during your staycation. You have tons of options for in-person and online cooking classes, so it’ll be easy to find one that fits into your plans.

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5.      Do Some Local Shopping

Shopping is often a big event during vacations, so why not hit some stores during your staycation? Fredericksburg is full of locally owned shops that carry antiques, books, artwork, and so much more. Make a point to go to stores that you don’t frequent so you can enjoy some new experiences.

These are just some ideas for your next staycation. You can also add other activities to your plan, such as going to the spa or dining at a nice restaurant. Save time to relax, too, so you’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated when your staycation is over.

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