4 Easter Dinner Recipes

Big Easter brunch with ham

Big Easter brunch with ham

Are you worried about preparing Easter dinner for your family? You want to make a feast but aren’t sure which dishes to serve. You’ll knock it out of the park when you make these Easter dinner recipes courtesy of the Pioneer Woman. They’re so mouth-watering that your family will gobble up every last bite.

1.      Lemon-Pepper Grilled Rib-Eyes

Instead of going with the traditional Easter ham, you can fire up the grill to make Lemon-Pepper Grilled Rib-Eyes this year. First, you need to select rib-eyes with lots of marbling to ensure the meat is flavorful. Then you’ll make lemon pepper seasoning for the rib-eyes while also applying a generous amount of butter to the meat. The steaks will taste as they came from a five-star restaurant, even though the recipe only requires 25 minutes of prep time. That means you’ll have time to make other dishes for the big meal.

2.      Cream of Asparagus Soup

This recipe for Cream of Asparagus Soup is even easier to make, so you can throw it together while getting ready for your guests. The fresh asparagus is so flavorful that your family will savor the tasty soup. And while it’s perfect as-is, you can make some changes based on your family’s tastes. For instance, you can leave out the onions if your kids don’t like them.

3.      Baked Sweet Potato

You’ll serve quite the feast if you add this Baked Sweet Potato recipe into the mix. It goes perfectly with steak and soup, and since it only takes five minutes to prep, it won’t slow you down. Oh, and the skins are so crispy when you follow this recipe. If you’ve had problems getting the skins to crisp up in the past, this recipe will do the trick.

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4.      Lemon Pound Cake

You don’t want to forget about dessert on Easter, so check out this Lemon Pound Cake recipe. It tastes so much better than a boxed cake, and the lemon glaze is divine. And since it yields 16 servings, you can feed a small army or save some for leftovers. If you do that, it also makes a delicious breakfast.

You’re sure to impress your family and guests if you serve this menu on Easter. Everyone will rave about the meal, so you’ll end the holiday on a high note.

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